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A comprehensive list of all of our Knowledge Base articles on Results Reporting

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The Support team has curated this comprehensive list of our results articles in order to give those trying to get into Apricot Results Reporting a easier way to find exactly what they're looking for. The articles in each category have been listed in an order that we believe to be most appropriate for those just getting started.

Results Terminology

The articles in this section detail some of the different terminology used in Results Reporting that may be unfamiliar to those who have never worked with the platform before.

Report Configuration

The articles in this section go over how enable your Apricot data within Results Reporting, and how to initially configure your reports to properly display the data you're trying to report on.

Formatting your Reports

The articles in this section further detail how to format your reports after they've been initially configured.


The articles in this section go over different formulas that can utilized in Results Reporting to further customize your dataset.


Q: Do Sandbox sites have Functional Apricot Results Reporting?

They can, however no syncing of reports between the live org and the sandbox org happens even after a refresh. Toggle the Apricot site setting on and off. Wait 30 mins and it should be synced.

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