The support team has curated this comprehensive list of our results articles in order to give those trying to get into Apricot Results Reporting a easier way to find exactly what they're looking for. The articles in each category have been listed in an order that we believe to be most appropriate for those just getting started. Below you'll find links to each section of this article.

I. Results Terminology

II. Report Configuration

III. Formatting your Reports

IV. Formulas

Results Terminology

The articles in this section detail some of the different terminology used in Results Reporting that may be unfamiliar to those who have never worked with the platform before.

Reporting Terms

Free Standing Cells/Pre-Defined Cells

Flattened Versus Unflattened Data

WebIntelligence Folder and Saving

Report Configuration

The articles in this section go over how enable your Apricot data within Results Reporting, and how to initially configure your reports to properly display the data you're trying to report on.

How to Enable a Form to use in Apricot Results Reporting

Creating Variables

Adding Tables

Adding Reports (Tabs)

How to set Input Controls

Adding a New Query

Merge Dimensions

Building Reports with an Excel Document

Scheduling Reports

Pre- & Re-Queries

Using a Custom Report as a Data Source

Formatting your Reports

The articles in this section further detail how to format your reports after they've been initially configured.

How to Edit Query Properties

How to Find More Information on Functions and Operators

Sorting in Apricot Results

Changing the Date Format based on Country

Formatting Numbers and Dates in Reports

Adding a Background Image

Formatting Reports for Printing in Apricot Results

How to Flatten Data

Relative Positioning

Creating Geographic Charts


The articles in this section go over different formulas that can utilized in Results Reporting to further customize your dataset.

Popular Formulas

Creating a Variable From a Formula

Finding the most recent Answer for a Tier 2 Field

Editing Tables/Legends

Converting 24 hour time to 12 hour time

The difference between Min, Max, First, Last functions

Adding Hyperlinks

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