1. Click on the Administrator Tab

  2. In the left side navigation, select Form Designer > Standard Forms

  3. Choose a Tier 1 Form and Navigate to Actions > Edit

4. Click the Gear icon to the right of the form name
5. Within Settings, select Enable in Apricot Results Reporting and click Apply. Then Publish the form.

6. To view in Apricot Results Reporting, select Report Center > Apricot Results

7. A new tab will open for Results Reporting. Select Web Intelligence under My

8. Once you are in the Web Intelligence application, select New > select Universe and click OK

9. A list of universes (data sources) will appear to choose from, and the newly created Tier 1 form will appear in the list. It takes 10-15 minutes for a new Tier 1 form to be synced into a new universe. If you do not see the new universe, click Refresh Universe list at the top.

**Note** Tier 2 forms enabled for results reporting work the same way, except they do not create their own universe, but appear within their associated Tier 1's universe. If these don't appear within 15 minutes, try logging out and logging back in.

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