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Apricot Results | How to Flatten Data
Apricot Results | How to Flatten Data
This article pertains to the Apricot 360 feature called Apricot Results Reporting
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In Apricot Results Reporting, your data comes unflattened meaning that your data is given to you in a list form listing out each element of your form. See below for an example:

In order to get the responses to these fields like you would in Apricot Standard Reporting, you must flatten the data by creating variables.

How to Flatten Data

Create a variable dimension.

  1. Click on "Add Variable" on the right side panel

  1. Name your variable. It's best practice to name it after the field name.

  2. Make sure the qualification is set to "Dimension". 

  3. In the formula window you'll create the following:
    = ([Record Text Values]) WHERE ([Field Name] = "Name") IN ([Record ID])

  4. Click the green check mark to test your variable.

  5. Click OK to save.

Once you've created as many variables as needed for your report you can click and drag them into the report. 

Tips & Tricks

  1. Instead of creating a brand new variable for each field you can duplicate an existing variable and edit the duplicate.

2. The field name in the variable needs to be exact. Capitalization matters. If you're unsure of how a field is named you can click on "Field Name" under the the Available Object window and then double click on "Values" under Available Operators. 

Clicking on the field name will add it to the formula. 

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