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It is possible to add hyperlinks to your reports that will direct you to a new tab containing a participant's Tier 1 Folder, or directly to a form response.

Creating and Formatting the Variable

  1. To open a tab directly to a participant's Tier 1 folder, you must include the participant and the Tier 1 Record ID fields into the report.

  2. Once the report runs, create a new variable with the needed formula (examples below)

  3. Add the variable to the desired table, highlight the column, and format the cell to Read Content As a Hyperlink

Once the content is set to Hyperlink, the cell will now change to the preferred text and a hyperlink

Profile Folder Formula

This formula will direct to a Tier 1 folder:

="<a href=\"https://apricot.socialsolutions.com/profile/index/id/" + FormatNumber([Record Id];"####") + "\" target=\"_blank\">Profile Link</a>"

Form Response Formula

This formula will direct to a specific form response:

="<a href=\"https://apricot.socialsolutions.com/document/edit/id/" + FormatNumber([Record Id];"####") + "\" target=\"_blank\">Response Link</a>"

Note: If multiple Record IDs for different forms are present, make sure that the appropriate Record ID object is being used. This will ensure that the hyperlink leads to the correct participant folder.

The text "Profile Link" can be changed to whatever text you want to read in the cell of the report.

For example:

="<a href=\"https://apricot.socialsolutions.com/document/edit/id/" + FormatNumber([Adventure Form_95].[Record Id];"####") + "\" target=\"_blank\">Adventure Form Link</a>"

This example has a hyperlink for specific Tier 2 Forms. If a participant has more than 1 response recorded, all their response rows will show giving access to all responses for the form.

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