ARR Functions and Formulas
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Apricot Results | How to Find More Information on Functions and Operators
Apricot Results | Creating VariablesThis article will go over adding a new variable to an Apricot Results Report using the Variable Editor.
Apricot Results | Creating a Variable From a FormulaThis article will go over how to turn a formula into a variable in Apricot Results.
Apricot Results | Popular FormulasThis article reviews commonly used formulas in Apricot Results Reporting
Apricot Results | How to Flatten DataThis article pertains to the Apricot feature called Apricot Results Reporting
Apricot Results: Min, Max, First, LastThe difference between Min(), Max(), First(), Last() in reports
Apricot Results | Merge DimensionsMerged dimensions create a "merged" object from the shared objects within the multiple queries.
Finding the Most Recent Answer for a Tier 2 Field
Apricot Results | Counting The Number of Tier 2 Records Associated to a Tier 1
Apricot Results | Concatenating Data
Apricot Results | Changing Capitalization using the Upper, Lower, Initcap and WordCap functions
Apricot Results | Using the "Left" and "Right" functions to trim text strings
Apricot Results | Rounding Down or Up using the Floor and Ceil functions
Apricot Results | How to Get the Month, Day, or Year from a Date Object
Apricot Results | Converting a Date or Number to a String of Text
Apricot Results | Converting 24 hour time to 12 hour timeHow to convert military/24 hour time formats to a 12 hour format
Apricot Results | Finding the Time Between Two Dates with Times using the Timebetween Function