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Apricot Results | Formatting Reports for Printing in Apricot Results
Apricot Results | Formatting Reports for Printing in Apricot Results

Formatting reports to avoid page breaks, run off columns, and layout issues

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1. View the page in Print Layout to view how the page will look in a printing layout.

Click on Print Layout under the Display section in the upper panel

Once Print Layout is selected, you can format the page size and orientation in the Layout Panel on the right side.

Clicking inside of the header or footer to select them makes them available to adjust in the right side panel as well.

2. Adjust Tables and Cell Location

Right click the corner of the cell or table > Format Table/Cell

In the Layout Settings section, you can change the object width and height.

With the entire table selected, in the Layout Settings section, you can set up the relative positioning of the tables to meet the margins or to meet the edges of other tables.

In the Appearance Settings and Text Settings section (only for formatting cells), you can give the objects padding, or extra space. You may also wrap text to make text fields smaller.

Additionally, check the border to make sure there are larger areas of white space.

3. Adjust Column Widths

Adjust your columns in Page Mode to ensure all cells and tables fit on a printable page size. Highlight the column you want to adjust, and hover over the edge until you find a tool for adjustments.

You can also hover over the lines between rows to adjust height as well.

4. Adjusting Text Fields

Finally, you may need to adjust the size of font of your text.

Right click the cell > Text Settings

You can change font, font size, and styles from this menu, as well as alignment.

5. Copying a Cell's Format

You may want your headers styled in a particular way across a single table. Once you have your first header set how you want it, you can click on the Format Painter icon and select Copy Format, and click on the next cell you want to have the same format.

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