Apricot Results: Adding Tables

This article will go over the different types of tables that can be added to a report.

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There are four types of tables that can be added to a report.

  • Vertical Table: Displays header cells at the top of the table and corresponding data in columns

  • Horizontal Table: Displays header cells at the left of the table and to corresponding data in rows

  • Crosstab: Displays values for dimensions across the top axis and on the left axis; the body displays the values of a measure that corresponds to the cross-section of dimensions.

  • Form: Displays detail information in a specified format (i.e. to replicate the design of a form)

To add a table to a report, click on the Chart icon under the Insert section to see the types of tables available. Select the type of table you want and click into the body of the report.

You can also turn an existing table into a different kind by highlighting the current table, and navigate into the Report Element Data panel > Display the feeding panel > Selecting the chart icon to choose the type.

To add an additional row or column, right click an existing row or column and select Insert and choose an “add column” or “add row” until the required number are added

Drag and drop data elements from the Document Objects panel into the center of the column or row header to add that highlights yellow.

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