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Database Administrator | Table of ContentsHelp articles for managing the Administrator settings in Apricot
Apricot Security and Hosting
My Apricot Tools
Apricot Ideas PortalLet the Product and Development Teams know what features you would like to see in Apricot.
VIDEO | Inventory Management Overview

Import Tool | Table of ContentsThe Apricot Imports Tool is a feature that allows data from an Excel spreadsheet in .csv format to be inserted into the database.
Import: Create Tier 1 Records
Import Update Tier 1 RecordsThe import tool can be used to transfer data from Excel files or from a historic database into Apricot.
Import: Create Tier 2 Records
Import Update Tier 2 Records
Import Links
Imports: Universal Address Lookup Field MappingsThis article addresses the inconsistencies with the Universal Address Lookup subfield names and the field names displayed by the Import Tool
Revert an ImportAfter you have completed an import, you can "revert," or undo, it and remove the records or links you have imported.
Restoring Archived RecordsThis article outlines how to locate and restore records that have been archived in your database.
Record Audit (Record History)
Data ArchivesThe Data Archives allow an Administrator to export data out of Apricot (one form at a time) without building a report.
Internal ReferralsInternal Referrals map a client’s journey through Apricot and allow users to collaborate across service areas.
WorkflowsThis guide will walk you through how to use the Apricot Workflows module.
Workflow PermissionsThis article goes over the Permissions needed for Apricot Users to have access to Workflows.
Secure Web FormThe Apricot Secure Web Form tool allows Administrators to create a direct URL that provides direct access to a data entry form.
Cannot Load Secure Web Form
Document Folder Merge ToolThis tool allows duplicate Tier 1 records to have their document folders merged, combining them into one document folder
Attendance DashboardThis document covers the Attendance Dashboard.
Registration Grid | Custom Dates
Shared Files
Blueprints and the Participant Blueprint FormThe term "Blueprint Form" refers to a restricted form that is included with the latest versions of Apricot
Apricot SandboxA Sandbox is a secondary database in which Administrators can conduct testing or training without making changes in their live site.
Database Backups, Data Imports and ExportsThis article reviews available features or services for backing up, importing and/or exporting data in Apricot.
FAQs | SQL Database ExportsThis living document provides answers for common questions regarding recurring and one-time Apricot database exports.
FAQs | SFTP for Automated Import
FAQs | Apricot API IntegrationThis living document provides answers for common questions regarding Apricot's API integrations.
Converting Date Values in Excel for Exporting ReportsThis article walks you through converting date values in Excel to optimize the filter function of Excel.
Apricot 360 | School Performance TabNon-Profit organizations working in the youth development vertical now have visibility into student data with the School Performance Tab.
COVID-19 Screening Form TemplatesBonterra has developed 4 screening forms that can be found in our template library and used in to any Apricot database.
VIDEO | Intro to Importing DataThis video provides an overview of the Import Tool, including details on Import History, Import Actions, and available Filters.
VIDEO | Attendance DashboardThis video provides an overview of the Attendance Dashboard (Formerly Apricot Insights Dashboard).
VIDEO | Census Data DashboardThis video provides an overview of the Census Data Dashboard in Apricot.
VIDEO | Census Data In Document FolderThis video shows Admin how to enable address fields for Census Data and how to view Census Data in the Document Folder.