Working with Records
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Record SearchApricot provides a variety of ways to search for records
Best Practices: Record Creation and Program AssignmentsThere are multiple options for how programs get assigned to records, but a common option is "Assign Records to User's Active Programs."
Creating and Editing Records
Creating Records as an AdministratorUsing the Programs Badge when creating a record to control which program the record is assigned to
Program Assignment SettingsThe way that Apricot assigns programs for records of a form can be adjusted in the form properties.
Program EnrollmentsEnrollments will enhance the participant enrollment and exit experience through standardized data collection
Filling Out a Record
Multiple Users Editing the Same Record
Batch Records ToolThe Batch Record Tool in Apricot is designed to allow users to create Tier 2 records for more than one Tier 1 record at one time.
Best Practices: Duplicate CheckThis article outlines how the Duplicate Check feature prevents users from entering the same information into a Tier 1 record twice.
Troubleshooting: Duplicate Record WarningAn Apricot database is equipped with security measures to stop users from entering the exact same information in two different places.
Create Tier 2 RecordsThis article explains how to create a new Tier 2 record.
Duplicate Check on Tier 2 Records
Copying Records
Archiving RecordsArchiving removes records from your Apricot database.
Deleting Records
Lock Records
Document FolderThis article provides an overview of the Document Folder
View FolderView a Folder from search page
Advanced Linking: Same Folder Linking
Print and Export Individual Records
Print Records From Document Folder
Converting Records Into PDFConverting a record into a PDF can come in handy if you are not ready to submit a record.
Favorites ListsThe Favorites List Tool is a time-saving feature that allows groups of records to be stored in a list for later use and reference
Electronic SignaturesThe Signature field electronically captures a name, a signature, the date and time of signing, and records the logged-in user as witness.
Document Folder Print – Print Mode Updates (Beta)
Updating Records After Adding Calculation Fields To An Existing Form
VIDEO | Enrolling Individual Participants
VIDEO | Enrolling Multiple Participants
VIDEO | Updating Enrollments
VIDEO | Attaching Enrollment Records to Tier 2 Records
VIDEO | Terminating Individual Participant Enrollments
VIDEO | Terminating Multiple Participants Enrollments
VIDEO | Reporting on Enrollments
VIDEO | Document Folder EnhancementsThis video reviews updates that may need to be enabled in Apricot. Please view the "Enable Document Folder Enhancements" Video to opt-in.
VIDEO | Enable Document Folder EnhancementsThis Video reviews how Admin can enable new Document Folder Enhancements in Apricot Settings.
VIDEO | Introduction to Apricot Enrollments