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While in a Tier 1 Search (No Search Fields)

You can click directly into a Tier 1's document folder if you click on any of the Quick View fields that contain values for that record. These are highlighted in the screenshot below. Please note, if the Quick View is blank this will not work.

While In A Tier 1 Search (With Search Fields)

Any search fields with data in them in record search results will be hot links into the record the search field lives on. They will be green to distinguish that they link directly to the record. Any remaining quick-view fields on the page will have gray text but will still be clickable links, which take the user to the Tier 1 document folder instead.

While in a Tier 1 Record

Find View Folder in the Record Options palette when a user is filling out a record. Clicking View Folder will take the user to the Document Folder for the record they are currently viewing.

View Folder is also given as an option when a record saves successfully. Clicking this button will return you to the document folder for the Tier 1 record.

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