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Apricot Release 9.15.20 | Document Folder Enhancements/Upgrades
Apricot Release 9.15.20 | Document Folder Enhancements/Upgrades

This article describes updates released on the evening of September 15th, 2020

Updated over a week ago

On September 15th, 2020, we released enhancements to the Document Folder that can be turned on by opting in within your Apricot Settings:

Tier 1 Quickview

  • Moved Tier 1 quickview fields underneath record name for easier access

Recent Activities

  • Now located in the kebab menu and opens from the right hand side of the screen

Tier 2 Quickview

  • User can expand the width of quickview columns

Tier 2 Form Pinning (New feature!)

  • User can now pin tier 2 forms to the top of the document folder so they can be easily located

  • Once you click the pin icon and refresh the page, you will see that the pinned forms appear at the top of the forms list in the Document Folder. This setting is specific to the User who clicks the pin, not global for all Users within your Apricot

Tip: Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard when opening records in the document folder to open them in a new tab!

Performance Improvements

  • Document folder is now faster to load

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