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Apricot 2020 Release Notes
Apricot Release 7.48.0 | 12.15.2020 | Bug Fixes
Apricot Release 7.48.0 | 12.15.2020 | Bug Fixes
This article covers updates to Apricot being deployed on the evening of December 15th, 2020. This release includes three bug fixes.
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Bug Fixes

  • Intermittent Errors When Viewing Document Folder & Connect Pages - This fix addresses the slowness and associated errors certain users experienced when loading Document Folders and the Intake Form Builder.

  • Dropdown Date Quickview Display Style Discrepancy - This fix addresses the discrepancy of how Dropdown Date, if made Quickview, is displayed in search results and the Document Folder. The Document Folder Quickview now honors “Month and Year” display option.

  • Document Folder Presenting Record Counts Inconsistently - This fix addresses record counts displaying differently for users with the same permissions.

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