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Release Notes 3/2/2021 | 7.55.0 | Bug Fixes & Enhancements
Release Notes 3/2/2021 | 7.55.0 | Bug Fixes & Enhancements

This release includes four bug fixes and two enhancements.

Updated over a week ago

Bug Fixes

  • Preview File Optimized. Previously, if users wanted to preview files attached to records while on smaller screen sizes or zoomed in, some of the content could appear cut off. Now, users will be able to view the entirety of the file preview.

  • Quickviews Expandable Option Missing – Previously, the expand quickview option was only present for those that had Create permission for the Tier 2 form. Now, if user has access to the record, regardless of other Admin Roles assigned, user will be able to expand to view all quickviews.

  • Duplicate Label HTML Fields Not Appearing in Publish Checklist. Previously, Label HTML fields with the same name and same color would not appear in the Publish Checklist list. Now, Label HTML fields are exempt from duplicate check as labels do not affect reporting or data entry, allowing form to be published.

  • Apricot Schedule: Unable to select more than one user calendar at a time. Users can now select multiple user calendars at one time by selecting “Confirm” after selecting all desired calendars.

  • Apricot Schedule: Incorrect behavior when selection event and appointment detail pop-up. Now, whenever users select an event and then appointment detail popup, it will behave in the correct order. In other words, exiting the event details pop-up will now only exit from event details, leaving “See more” open.

  • Apricot Schedule: Some errors not surfacing correctly. Errors will now provide more clear guidance for users when experiencing an error in Apricot Schedule.

  • Apricot Schedule: Time period text on Add/Edit Appointment Overlapping. Previously the time period when adding or editing an appointment was overlapped by a dotted line. That has been corrected.

  • Apricot Schedule: Week and Day View Defaulting to Month. Previously, the Week and Day view was displaying as Month. This has been corrected, and now Week shows as Week and Day shows as Day.

  • Apricot Schedule: Save for Calendar Configuration. The “Save” button for the Apricot Schedule Configuration page was previously blocked by the chat icon. The button has now been moved to prevent this.

  • Update to Account Management Page – We have discontinued support for the Account Management page at this time. This page allowed customers to view their current account details and payment terms. Moving forward, please feel free to reach out to your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager, who can easily and quickly provide you with the same information.


  • Login Page Updated with Q1-2 2021 Roadmap Initiatives

Apricot Schedule

  • Apricot Schedule is now available to all users. Previously, Apricot Schedule could only be used by Administrator user types. Now, it is available to both Administrator and Standard User types, opening the functionality to all users in your organization! To enable Schedule, please reach out to our Support team.

  • New Tooltip for Participants without Emails – Users will now have more guidance when searching for a participant to make an appointment with, if the participant does not have an associated email address.

Rules & Alerts

  • Duplicate Rules. Now, users can duplicate previously configured rules. This is helpful if you want multiple rules with minor changes.

Rules must have distinct names. Therefore, upon duplicate rule creation, users will be asked to provide a unique name.

To avoid duplicative alerts from firing prematurely, duplicated rules are inactive upon create. This gives users time to make any necessary updates. Duplicated rules need to be turned to active for alerts to fire.

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