Release Notes | 9/2/2021 | Apricot 1.60.6

This release includes four defect fixes and one enhancement.

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Bug Fixes

  • Intake: Programs Assigned Incorrectly. Previously, some records created by Intake were assigned more programs than intended. This sometimes happened when a form was set to assign records to its associated programs. Now, users will see messaging that confirms intended actions so that the right programs are assigned in Intake-created records.

  • Direct Messages: Failed to Fetch Error. Previously, certain users experienced a failed to fetch error on 2000+ message campaigns, despite successful sends. We have resolved a performance issue so that users can access DM information as expected.

  • Attendance: Records Duplicating in Report. Previously, multiple copies of an attendance record would appear in reporting if that record had been edited. The audit date was not correctly updating. Now, reports show one record (the most recent edit).


  • Connect Scheduler: Improved User Experience if No Staff Available. Previously, the participant experience lacked clarity when no staff were available with whom to schedule an appointment. Now, participants will see better messaging and no extraneous features in the interface they could not interact with.

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