Release Notes | 10/28/2021 | Apricot 7.85.0

This release includes six defect fixes & enhancements.

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Email Verification Filter Adjustments

Bonterra uses a third-party email verification service for Connect and Direct Messages. This ensures consistency of service. Previously we were more restrictive with email response statuses from the third party. Now we will only disallow emails going to emails that are confirmed invalid.

Delays When Adding Limits to Reports

Previously, some organizations with very large reports saw long load time or time outs. Now, those large reports have significantly improved performance.

Aggregate Report Performance Improvements

Back-end optimization to improve the load time and performance of aggregate reports.

Standard User Access to Doc Folder

Previously under certain permission configurations some organizations were experiencing errors when standard users accessed document folders despite having access. Now users can access document folders as expected.

Record Audit Repeated Data

Previously users were seeing extraneous viewing entries within record audit. We did some optimization to remove those repeated rows in audits.

Caseloads | Archived Records Included in Counts

Previously archived records were appearing in caseload totals. Now, archived records are excluded as expected.

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