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Release Notes | Week of January 1 | Apricot 7.160.2
Release Notes | Week of January 1 | Apricot 7.160.2

This week we released 11 defect fixes.

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Records | Active Links

We resolved an issue where Active Links were not displaying when accessing a Record.

Form Designer | HTML Labels

When attempting to work within an HTML Label’s Field Properties when the “Label” field is expanded, the Field Properties screen will no longer follow the movement of a user's cursor.

Native Reporting | Auto Run Mode

When Auto Run mode is disabled in a Native Report, “Click to refresh data” and “Refresh All Sections” buttons will refresh data in Report Sections.

Imports | Calculation Fields

We resolved an issue where Imports were overwriting existing data on deactivated Calculation Fields.

Form Designer | Fields Available for Set Value in Form Logic

We resolved an issue in Form Logic configuration where the “Field List” would sometimes not populate when using “Set Value” as the Action.

Intake | Empty Time Fields & Email Triggers

When a Record is created through Intake and a Time field is empty on submission, "12:00 AM" will no longer display as the time in Email Triggers.

Caseloads | Caseload Manager

When removing an Assigned Case Manager of a record from the Assigned Programs (Program Access) tab on a Record, the Caseload Manager for that user will no longer display that Record as part of their Caseload.

Forms | Registration Grid

We fixed an issue where Forms could not be completed when a Registration Grid was present in Form configuration.

Records | Record Audits

We fixed an issue where Record Audits could not be filtered by a specific user or Programs.

Attendance Tracker | CAN & ANZ Reporting

We made improvements to the overnight processing of Attendance Tracker data to improve report consistency for Canada, Australia, and New Zealand sites.

Connect | Login Credentials

When logging out of a Connect Participant Portal, login information will no longer be stored unless the user’s browser settings to save info is turned on.

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