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Release Notes | Weeks of January 22 & 29 | Apricot 8.1.0
Release Notes | Weeks of January 22 & 29 | Apricot 8.1.0

This week we released 13 defect fixes and 2 enhancements.

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Batch Records | Errors when Saving

When creating Records using Batch Record Creation, users will no longer encounter an error upon save.

Batch Records | Unable to Batch 5+ Records

When creating Records using Batch Record Creation, users will now be able to create more than four Records.

Native Reporting | Dropdown Options with Single Quotes

We resolved an issue where Native Reports would not run or be editable when Dropdown options set up in Form Designer contain single quotes.

Signatures | Empty Signatures

We resolved an issue where Empty Signature Fields would fill in the Date and Time upon record save.

Login | Concurrent Sessions

We resolved an issue where users were not seeing the “Continuing will end all other sessions” flow when the account was logged in on another browser.

Field Options & Labels | Special Characters

We resolved an issue where special characters were added to field options and labels because of letters with accents, smart quotes, or dashes in the name.

Record Creation | Form Logic & Dynamic Fields

We resolved an issue where new Records could not be created when a Form contained Form Logic & Dynamic Fields.

Connect | Default Values

We improved the consistency of default values populating within Connect and getting saved into the corresponding Apricot form.

Connect Intake | State Fields

We resolved an issue where State Fields in a Form Logic rule were causing submission errors for an Intake form.

Inventory Management | Category Actions

We resolved an issue where, depending on a user's zoom level and length of Category list, the actions to Edit or Delete were un-clickable.

Attendance Tracker | Custom Text Field

We resolved an issue where text was able to be entered past the 255 character limit. This ensures all text that is entered will be stored and not cut off.

Attendance Tracker | Mark All

We alleviated an error that was occurring when the Mark All option for entering Present/Absent data was used for large rosters.

Attendance Tracker | Screen Reader

We improved the read-outs by Screen Readers as a user is navigating the individual days of the week when entering attendance data.


Attendance Tracker | Inactive Class Toggle

In order to navigate more quickly to Classes that need attendance data, the Classes & Terms page will now default to only show Classes with an Active Status. A check box can be used to view Classes with an Inactive Status, allowing action on historical Classes & Terms to take place.

Attendance Tracker | Calendar Navigation

A calendar date-picking option is now available, allowing quicker navigation to the exact week that attendance data is being collected and viewed.

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