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Release Notes | Week of Oct. 10 | Apricot 7.127.3
Release Notes | Week of Oct. 10 | Apricot 7.127.3

This week we released accessibility enhancements and 10 defects.

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Accessibility | Multiple Updates

We released several accessibility enhancements to Workflows, Attendance, and Connect.


Connect | Direct Message Performance

Changes were made that should improve experience within Direct Message pages loading for users.

Connect | Links on Direct Message

Tier 2 forms that contain date fields that are sent via a link on Direct Messages will now be able to be completed by participants with no errors.

Rules & Alerts | Intermittent Duplication

We fixed an issue that was causing occasional duplication of in product and email alerts.

Attendance | Program Display

Programs that have been assigned to Terms will now show on the Class Details page within Attendance.

Forms | Link Loading

In some situations when viewing a Form with Links, records would fail to fully load due to an issue with Links, this error has been resolved.

Form Designer | Expand All/Collapse All

When using the Expand All/Collapse All button for Form Logic in Form Designer, the section will now expand and collapse.

Forms | Form Logic and Print Mode

When a Form contains Form Logic with section actions, an error will no longer appear when using Print Mode.

Forms | Prev/Next Buttons on Links

We resolved an issue that would occur when navigating the Links on a Form and the Prev button would not display after clicking Next.

Imports | Incorrect Error Messaging

When importing records, users will no longer get an error message about incorrect permissions when an import fails due to missing data in the CSV.

Native Reporting | Errors on Saving Reports

We fixed an issue where when creating a report would duplicate itself and show an error on saving the report.

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