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Release Notes | Week of July 10 | Apricot 7.146.3
Release Notes | Week of July 10 | Apricot 7.146.3

Release Notes for July 10 2023. This week we released 5 defect fixes and 4 enhancements.

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Attendance Tracker | Native Reporting

We added two new fields to Native Reporter allowing organizations to know which Apricot User created and modified attendance events within Attendance Tracker.

Login | View Password

We released a usability enhancement that allows users to see what is typed in the password box upon login. You can verify or correct any mistakes before login attempt.

Reports | Exporting All Sections as Separate files

When exporting a Report, you will now be able to select whether download all sections of the report as one file or a file per Section in the Report. You can do this by selecting “One File per Report Section”

Document Folder | Exclude Links When Printing

When Printing a Tier 1 Document Folder, you will now be able to exclude links and link data while printing using the new “Exclude Linking Fields/Data” print option.


Records | Archive

We fixed an issue that was preventing Standard User visibility of Tier 2s in archived record search.

Records | User List Field

We fixed an issue that was causing Administrators to be inconsistently filtered out of results when Site & Program filters were used.

Imports | Date Field Duplicate Check

We resolved an issue that was incorrectly flagging records as duplicates when completing an import.

Imports | Reverting

We resolved an issue that was causing Program Assignments to persist on Tier 2s after large imports were reverted.

Permissions | Performance

We released performance improvements to alleviate slow loading related to checking Permissions while navigating Apricot.

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