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Release Notes | Week of June 12 | Apricot 7.145.0 
Release Notes | Week of June 12 | Apricot 7.145.0 

Release Notes for June 12 2023. This week we released 5 defect fixes and 1 feature.

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Smart Fields | Smart List

We released a new field category for Apricot Core and 360 called Smart Fields! To ease the burden on administrators, we’ve introduced the first field in this category, the Smart List. With the Smart List, you can create a list of options in a dropdown using data you’re storing in forms! Check out the full release notes for this here.


Attendance Tracker | Performance

We released additional performance improvements to alleviate longer load times for Classes & Terms.  

Attendance Tracker | Create New Terms

We released improvements to alleviate delays in new Terms appearing for users.

Results Reporting | Accessing Results

We resolved an issue where users were unable to access Results Reporting from Connect and Intake pages.

Native Reporting | Reports Duplicate

We resolved an issue where Reports in Native Reporting were duplicating on saving.

Secured Fields | Autopopulate and Linking

When a Form contains a Linking field with an Autopopulate field that pulls data from a Secured Field, records will no longer be prevented from saving.

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