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Release Notes | Week of October 16 | Apricot 7.154.2
Release Notes | Week of October 16 | Apricot 7.154.2

This week we released 1 enhancement and 4 defect fixes.

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Connect | Intake Form Builder

When building or editing Intake Forms the system will now check for additional fields that could be required once Form Logic actions are executed. This change should cut down on the errors experienced when an Intake form is being completed.


Connect | Direct Message with Linked Forms

Direct Messages that contain a Form Link Expiration Date will no longer receive an error when trying to send the follow-up reminder message.

Attendance Tracker | Performance

We released performance improvements to alleviate longer load times for Classes & Terms.  

Attendance Tracker | Enroll Participants

When Enrolling Participants with a Term, page actions will no longer be hidden when changing the view to more than 10 participants.

Attendance Tracker | Term Dates

The entire Month and Year will show within the Term Dates calendar. This will improve the experience when selecting specific dates that a Term is being held and when selecting dates off for Recurring Terms.

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