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Release Notes | Weeks of February 19 & 26 | Apricot 8.3.0
Release Notes | Weeks of February 19 & 26 | Apricot 8.3.0

This week we released 6 defect fixes.

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Imports | Preparation and Verification

When importing a Form, users will no longer encounter an error on the Verify step.

Caseloads | Caseload Manager Search

When searching for Records in the Caseload Manager to assign to a user, results will display in the search.

Document Folder | Record Audit

When accessing Record Audit from a Document Folder, after clicking “Search”, the results will now be limited to actions taken on the Tier 1 Form.

Special Characters | Display Issues

We implemented a partial fix to address issues displaying incorrectly in Apricot after background upgrades to MySQL 8. Read more about what to expect from this fix here.

Attendance Tracker | Show Unenrolled Toggle

In order to take attendance quickly for those still enrolled in the term, the Show Unenrolled Toggle will now default to unchecked. If historical attendance is needed for those no longer enrolled, users can still check the toggle and view unenrolled participants.

Attendance Tracker | Time In/Out

We fixed a defect that was preventing users from being able to type in the Time In/Out fields for participants when taking attendance.

Performance | Optimizations

We released performance improvements to alleviate slow loading in various parts of Apricot that are occurring as a result of an open defect with MySQL. Read more here.

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