Accessibility | Multiple Updates

We released several accessibility enhancements to Workflows, Attendance, and Connect.

Connect | Date Field

Date fields within Connect Participant Portal and Intake now respect Apricot Field Format Settings.


Forms | Deleting Links

We fixed an issue that was causing incorrect link counts when users deleted links.

Archived Records | Search Results

We fixed an issue that was causing slow search result loads when working with large amounts of archived record data.

Caseloads | Too Restrictive Viewing

We fixed an issue that was preventing users from seeing records they have access to in All Site and Programs. Previously, the record was viewable only when in the specific Program the record was assigned.

Workflows | Loading Error

We resolved an organization-specific error that was preventing users from accessing Workflow configuration.

Connect | Postal Code

The postal code field on an intake form will no longer cause an error in the form data to be saved.

Connect | View Additional Record Types

Participants will now be able to view records that were created via Imports and Registration Grid,

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