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Release Notes | Week of Dec 12 | Apricot 7.133.0
Release Notes | Week of Dec 12 | Apricot 7.133.0

This week we released accessibility enhancements and 6 defects.

Updated over a week ago


Accessibility | Multiple Updates

We released several accessibility enhancements to Top Navigation and Workflows.


Connect | Participant Portal Error

Participants accessing their Participant Portal will no longer receive an error when trying to look at their account information.

Connect | Participant Portal Settings

All organizations will now be able to upload a custom logo to appear on the login screen of their Participant Portal.

Forms | Continue Button

We corrected an issue that was preventing Continue on record saves from functioning.

Forms | Record Lock

Previously date fields were not interacting correctly with form logic. Now date fields can be locked as expected.

Forms | Auto-populates

We resolved an issue with auto-populate fields that was causing data to appear on initial create, but not subsequent views

Reports | Program Roll Down

We fixed an issue that was preventing correct program assignments from showing in reports when T2s had the program assigned by a T1 program association.

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