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Release Notes | Week of Jan 9 | Apricot 7.134.1
Release Notes | Week of Jan 9 | Apricot 7.134.1

Release Notes for Jan 9 2023. This week we released 8 defect fixes

Updated over a week ago


Imports | Tier 2 Imports with Duplicate Check

When importing Tier 2 forms that contain a field used for Duplicate Check an error will no longer be encountered on the reconcile step and the import will not be prevented from completing.

Native Reports | Sorting by Numeric Columns

When attempting to sort Numeric columns in a Native report the sort will no longer be unresponsive.

Forms | Form Logic + Attach Doc Field

When using an Attach Doc field in a form that is revealed to the a completing a Form with Form Logic, an error will no longer prevented them from saving the form.

Forms | Record Lock Field Properties - Locking Programs and Unlocking Programs

We fixed an issue where Programs were not populating the “Locking Programs” and “Unlocking Programs”.

Forms | Tier 2 Forms | Standard Users & Form Designer

We fixed an issue where Tier 2 forms a Standard User has access to edit were not showing in the list of Forms if they did not have access to the Tier 1 form.

Forms | Auto Populate Fields & Quick View

Auto Populate fields that referenced a system field can now be made “Quick View” in the Field Properties.

Forms | Form Logic Hide Field

We fixed an issue that was preventing Form Logic from hiding fields when their value had been changed to null.

Performance | Search Results

We implemented caching in a back-end process to speed up load times on search results in particular Apricot configurations. We believe this will help and will continue to monitor.

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