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Release Notes | Week of October 9 | Apricot 7.154.2
Release Notes | Week of October 9 | Apricot 7.154.2

Release notes for October 9, 2023. This week we released 1 enhancement and 4 defect fixes.

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Record History & Record Audits | Link Modifications

To allow you to quickly tell without question whether a Link has been removed, added, activated, or deactivated as part of the modification of a Record, we will now be tracking Link modifications as “Record Modified” in the Record History pallet as well as Record Audits.

This change takes effect for Record saves with Link modifications on October 11 after 5 p.m. CT for North America and on October 13 after 6 a.m. AEDT for Australia/New Zealand. Any Links modified before these times will still show as “Record Saved No Changes” in Record History and Record Audits.

To view Link modifications:

  1. Make your desired link changes.

  2. Click “Save Record”.

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3. View Record History & Record Audits

A screenshot of a record history

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Record Audits | Timeout Error
We fixed an issue where Standard Users were encountering a timeout error when attempting to load the Record Audits page.

Links | Wizard Links & Dynamic Fields

We fixed an issue where Dynamic Field options were not fully loading when viewing existing records through a Wizard Link.

Accessibility | Auto Populate & Form Logic

Users can now navigate to Radio button and Checkbox option fields with options that are populated by Form Logic using only a keyboard.

SSO | Unexpected Prompt for Apricot Password Reset

Previously when logging into Apricot, users that were authenticating by using SSO were being prompted to change their password. Now, SSO users will no longer be asked to change their password upon logging into Apricot.

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