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Release Notes | Week of October 30 | Federated SSO 1.3.0
Release Notes | Week of October 30 | Federated SSO 1.3.0

Release notes for October 30, 2023. This week we released 1 enhancement and 2 defect fixes.

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Single Sign-On | Error Messages

To allow users more insight when setting up Single Sign-On (SSO) and troubleshooting issues they may encounter when logging into SSO, we will now provide quick access to details behind errors as they occur. This will allow our Support team to more quickly diagnose and resolve any issues you may encounter when using Single Sign-On.

A line will display below the error message to "Show Error Details" with a + icon. Clicking on the + icon will expand the error details with the option to "Copy Error" to provide to Support.


SSO | Custom Email Parameter

We fixed an issue where configurations using a custom email parameter were not respected. Now, these attributes will be used as part of the SSO authentication process.

SSO | Federated SSO Guest Accounts Login Not Functional

We fixed an issue where guest Azure Active Directory users were not able to log in with the link and were receiving an "APRICOT_FEDERATED_USER_NOT_FOUND" message in the URL.

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