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Release Notes | Week of Oct. 24 | Apricot 7.128.0
Release Notes | Week of Oct. 24 | Apricot 7.128.0

This week we released accessibility enhancements and 8 defects.

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Accessibility | Multiple Updates

We released several accessibility enhancements to Attendance and Connect.


Forms | Blueprints Dynamic Queries & Set Field Logic

We resolved an issue that was preventing correct options from appearing in dynamic dropdowns on blueprinted forms. We also made corrections so that set value form logics works as expected.

Forms | Dynamic Number Calculations

We fixed an issue that was causing not defined errors when dynamic number fields were included in certain calculation configurations.

Forms | Lookup List Logic

We fixed a specific issue that was preventing current value from populating in cases without “allow other” in the list.

Forms | Canadian Postal Codes

Organizations using the Universal Address Lookup field with Canadian addresses no longer encounter failed to save errors.

Forms | Radio Button Set Value

We resolved an issue that was causing confusion on forms with set value logic on radio buttons.

Administration | Account Unlock

Previously if all administrators, or if an organization has a single administrator, were locked out, Support team members would have to perform the unlock. Now, administrators can self-serve account unlock.

Record History | Dynamic Fields

We resolved two related issues with regards to archived records with dynamic field values. Now, modifications only appear if a specific change was made, and archived records will maintain the link.

Please note that when restoring a record with a link to another archived record, the link will not be restored unless the other record is restored as well. This is to prevent incorrect link counts or displaying links to records that are not active.

Connect | Date Field

Date fields within Connect will now follow the same behavior as within Apricot when special properties are enabled.

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