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Release Notes | Week of April 17 | Apricot 7.141.1
Release Notes | Week of April 17 | Apricot 7.141.1

Release Notes for April 24 2023. This week we released 6 defect fixes and performance improvements.

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Search | Schedule and Caseloads

We resolved an issue where Participants would not appear in the search for Schedule and the Caseload Manager.

Linking | Locked Target Linking Fields

We resolved an issue where Locked Target Linking Fields could still be edited after locking.

Imports | Program Assignment

We resolved a data issue that was causing program assignment failure during imports.

Imports | New Tier 1 Creation

We resolved an urgent issue that was preventing new Tier 1 record creation through imports.

Attendance Tracker | Reporting

We made an update to the system connecting Attendance to Reporting to help ensure all data can be reported on as expected.

Attendance Tracker | Class Table Performance

We released performance improvements that will speed up list of classes for large organizations.

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