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Release Notes | Week of November 27 | Apricot 7.158.0
Release Notes | Week of November 27 | Apricot 7.158.0

This week we released 1 enhancement and 10 defect fixes.

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Field Level Access | Likert Scale

To allow for a greater level of control over sensitive data stored in Likert Scale fields, we have added the Likert Scale field type to the list of fields that can be made secure. Need a refresh on Field Level Access? Take a look at the full article here! 


Native Reporting | Graphs

We fixed an issue where the Pie, Doughnut, Location Map, and Heat Map Graphs in Reports would not display.

Login | Session Timeout

We fixed an intermittent issue where some users were logged out every minute or so until the cache and cookies were cleared. 

Forms | Printing Images

When printing multiple Tier 2 records from the Document Folder that contain images, images for all Tier 2 records selected will now print.

Signatures | Restoring Records

When restoring a record to a previous version that contains a signature field, signatures will be restored to the selected version’s signature state. 

Imports | Get CSV

We fixed an issue where only the first Get CSV button worked when in the Reconcile section.

Imports | Post Processing

We fixed an issue where Time Difference calculations were incorrect after performing Post Processing.

Smart Fields | Preset Creation

Creating a new Smart Field Preset without any Field Filters will no longer prevent saving a new Preset.

Caseloads | Program Badge

When viewing by a specific Program in the Program badge, My Caseloads will filter to only records assigned to that program.

Caseloads | Caseload Manager Delete All

We fixed an issue where selecting the “Delete All” button in the Caseload Manager would not remove participants from a Caseload.

Rules & Alerts | User List Audience

We fixed an issue where selecting and saving a User List field as the Audience where the User List was recently published to the Form would not save the User List that the administrator had selected.

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