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This article covers Field Level Access, a feature for all Apricot clients using Role Based Permissions as of August 4th.

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Field Level Access enables a greater level of control over sensitive data stored in Apricot. Apricot administrators and those with access to the form designer now have the option to designate supported field types as a “secure field”. The content of secure fields will be obscured when forms are viewed and require the user to take action to reveal that data.

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Configuring Secure Fields & Access

Secure fields can be configured when building or modifying forms in Apricot via the field properties.

Important note: Secure fields cannot be used as quick view, searchable or in email triggers in order to maintain limited access to this data.

  1. To open the properties that govern a specific field, click the gear box in the upper right-hand corner of the field.

  2. Under the special properties section, supported field types can be marked as a “secure field”.

  3. When your field has been customized. Click “apply”.

  4. Save and publish the form.

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On the roles details page admins can grant view access to secure fields. Users are granted access to secure fields based on forms. With access to a form’s secure fields users will be able to view all secure data within that form. View access is not required for a user to input or update data within a secure field. Without access to secure fields, users will not be able to view reports that contain secure data.

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When viewing a form with secure fields, users that have access to those protected fields can choose to reveal the contents of individual fields or show all secure data.


When printing forms with secure fields users will have the option to include that data or redact it from the print job. Only users with access to secure fields will have the ability to print secure data.


With Field Level Access comes the ability to audit actions related to secure fields. As part of the account management app, administrators can view when secure fields are viewed, printed, enabled and disabled.

Known Limitations

There are some known limitations to the Field Level Access functionality.

  • Secure fields cannot be used as quick view, searchable or in email triggers in order to maintain limited access to this data.

  • Administrators will maintain access to all Apricot data.

  • It is recommended that admins ensure that name, email and/or phone number fields that are intended to be used in Connect not be designated as secure fields.

  • If a secure field is set as a Record Name, that information will be visible in the Document Folder.

  • Secure fields cannot be used as part of form logic.

  • Not all Apricot fields can be made secure.

Unsupported Fields:

  • Masked Option Fields

  • Likert Scale

  • Masked Dropdown

  • Masked Radio Button

  • Milestones Goals

  • Calculation Fields

  • Dynamic Fields

  • Scheduler Field

  • Labels

  • Auto Populate

  • Link

  • User Creation

  • Select Special Fields

  • Email Trigger

Field Level Access requires organizations to be on Role-Based Permissions. To learn more about Role-Based Permissions functionality and the Role Migration Tool check out the following KBAs.

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