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Release Notes | Week of March 11 | Apricot 8.4.0
Release Notes | Week of March 11 | Apricot 8.4.0

This week we released 4 defect fixes.

Updated over a week ago


Native Reporting | Locked “Matches” Filters

Locked filters using any “Matches” rules with options to match values selected on the edit side will no longer display as no values selected on the run side.

Apricot Settings | Various Features Deactivating

Previously, when an Admin saved the “Apricot Settings” page, Apricot features such as Role Based Permissions, Caseloads, Apricot Results Reporting, and Smart Fields were inadvertently deactivated. These features will no longer deactivate unless intentionally changed and saved by an Admin.

Connect Intake | Form Logic & Intake Builder

We have continued to refine how Connect Intake Form Builder interacts with Form Logic rules from Apricot Forms. We can now better support “Or” Form Logic rules, while still ensuring Intake Forms do not result in errors for Participants as they fill them out.

Imports | Assigning Programs

When doing an import, Program Assignment will no longer fail for all Records in an import when one or more records in the Import contain Programs in an unexpected format.

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