Release Notes | 10/19/2021 | Apricot 7.84.0

This release includes four defect fixes

Updated this week

Bug Fixes

  • Aggregate Reports – Comma Acting as Delimiter in Summaries - Previously values with commas in aggregate report summaries would have the value cut off after the comma. Now, values appear as expected in summary sections.

  • Caseloads – Additional Records Appearing - Previously, users assigned multiple roles with differing permissions could see more records than expected. Now, users will not see the additional records.

  • Forms – Standard User with Form Designer Advanced Access Can’t Deactivate Fields - Previously Standard Users with Form Designer Advanced Access permissions applied could not deactivate fields. Now, all users with Form Designer permissions can edit forms as expected.

  • Connect – Registered List Error with High Volume Participants - Previously some organizations with many thousands of participants experienced failure to load or long load times. We did he necessary optimizations so Connect tables perform as expected.

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