Release Notes | 11/2/2021 | Apricot 7.86.0

This release includes three defect fixes and one enhancement.

Updated this week


  • Option field: User List: Apricot now has a new field type, User List. This field generates a dropdown list of your Apricot users, making it easier to select staff members in forms. From the form builder you can select which sites, programs and user types are included in the dropdown.

Bug Fixes

  • Screen Reader Link Tabbing: Previously, records included on link pop-ups could not be tabbed into like other window pop-ups in Apricot. Now, users can tab into and open records on links as expected.

  • Masked Fields Report Errors: Previously, masked fields without back-end values would cause reports to error out. Now, masked fields can be reported on without issue.

  • Role Based Permissions – Inability to Remove Role if on Inactive Program: Previously, users were able to add roles with inactive program, but could not remove the role without re-activating the program. Now, users can remove roles as expected.

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