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Release Notes | Week of Jan 3, 2022 | Apricot 7.91.1
Release Notes | Week of Jan 3, 2022 | Apricot 7.91.1

This release includes nine defect fixes and one enhancement.

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Defect Fixes

Connect | Issue Merging Tier 1 Records

Previously in Apricot, if two Tier 1 records were merged after the primary was already registered, errors would occur. Now, users can work with merged Tier 1 records in Connect as expected.

Intake | Email Trigger Issue

Previously all operators in the Address Lookup fields except is / is not empty would not trigger emails on records created via Intake. Now email triggers fire for all Address Lookup conditions as expected.

Rebrand | Edit Intake Buttons Not Visible

Cancel and preview buttons are now visible and do not show white on white text.

Sandbox | Inactive Users Visible on Login Page

Previously for organizations using sandboxes, users were presented with an option to login to the sandbox for which their user account was inactive, which would not allow them to log in. Now our authentication service correctly flags inactive sandbox users and does not present the login option.

Programs | Issue with Program Roll-up & Down

In certain conditions a Tier 1 and associated Tier 2 records’ program would persist after removing and applying another program. Now, correct programs show on records as expected.

Accessibility | Screen Reader: No Indication of Time-Out

Previously in Apricot, screen readers would not detect the session time out message. Now screen readers can read this message, notifying users that their session has timed out.

Accessibility | Email Field Appears Out of Order

Previously, when users tabbed through fields, the completed email field appeared last, even though it appears directly under the first field. Now tabbing happens in the excepted order.

Records | Data in Linked Fields Appears Last When Using Tab

Previously, in Apricot when using tab to navigate through the fields of a form, the data in linking fields would be skipped and navigated to as if it were the last field on the form. Now data in linking fields is navigated to in the proper order.

Reports | Secure Fields Preventing Reporting on Non-Secure Data

Previously in Apricot, when building a report based on forms that contained secure fields, the report would fail. Now reports can be successfully built from fields that are part of a form that contains secure fields.


Sites and Programs Update

Now in Apricot, organizations that have not upgraded to Role-based permissions have access to an enhanced navigation experience for sites and programs within the account management app. Legacy permission sets remain in tact for these organizations.

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