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Release Notes 6/22/2021 | 7.68.0 | Apricot: Bug Fixes & Enhancements
Release Notes 6/22/2021 | 7.68.0 | Apricot: Bug Fixes & Enhancements

This release includes multiple bug fixes and three enhancements.

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Bug Fixes

  • Rebrand Issues Resolved. We released several fixes to interface issues identified during the rebrand launch, including:

    • Hidden gears not distinguishable

    • Report column headers not visible in black color scheme

    • Data cutoffs in certain reports

    • Merge tool icon missing

    • Login image covered text on certain screen sizes

    • Highlight on user badge not covering arrows

    • Add appointment button not visible

  • JAWS 2021 Doc Folder Issue. Navigation and expandability issues were identified by a site using the newest version of JAWS (screen reader technology). Now, clickable elements are correctly showing as expandable, not plain text.

  • Role-Based Permissions: Unable to Remove Sites from Users. Previously when attempting to remove an associated site from a user’s settings, the site would remain. Now sites can be successfully removed.

  • Role-Based Permissions: Users Remain in Programs After Removal. Previously in order to remove a role from a user, that role had to be removed across all programs. Now a user can successfully be removed from a role in a single program.


  • Role Migration Tool: Migrate Permission Sets with Program Name. Previously, when migrating to role-based permissions, permission sets were migrated with the permission set name. Now permission sets are migrated with the program and permission set name to alleviate confusion.

  • Role Migration Tool: Ignore Inactive Programs. Previously, during the migration to role-based permissions, inactive programs were migrated. Now inactive programs will be ignored during the migration.

  • Role-Based Permissions: View Assigned Users from Role Details. Those with access to the account management app can now easily view users that are assigned to a role from the role details page.

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