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Release Notes | 7/27/2021 | Apricot - 7.73.0 | Attendance Tracker - 1.2.2
Release Notes | 7/27/2021 | Apricot - 7.73.0 | Attendance Tracker - 1.2.2

This release includes four bug fixes and two enhancements.

Updated this week

Bug Fixes

  • Attendance Tracker: Enroll Search Issue. Note, issue also effected search capabilities in Caseloads and Schedule. Previously, users could not access participants records they needed to enroll without manually navigating through each page. Now, users can search for participants and add them to terms as expected.

  • Role Migration Tool Error: Previously, some organizations encountered an error message when attempting to use the Role Migration Tool to move to role-based permissions. Now, administrators can complete the migration experience via the Role Migration Banner.

  • Registration Grid: Save Button Occasionally Unresponsive. Previously, users experienced trouble saving data entered for multiple participants in the reg grid. Now, users can save single or multiple edits with having to refresh the page.

  • Autopopulate Field Can Clear on Save: An Apricot site that uses an autopopulate field tied to a dynamic field would experience data not saving. Now, this site can use their form with the autopopulate field as expected.


  • Role-Based Permissions: Cannot Add Link to Users Form. Previously, Apricot Role-Based Permissions did not support linking to the User form. Now, Role-Based Permissions allows for standard linking to the User form.

  • Email Triggers: Suppress Link to Apricot Record. In response to engagement on the Ideas Portal, we have implemented the ability to choose whether to include the link in email triggers. Users can select to remove the link in the Email Text tab of the Field Properties dialog box.

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