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Release Notes 6/8/2021 | 7.67.0 | Apricot Bug Fixes & Enhancement
Release Notes 6/8/2021 | 7.67.0 | Apricot Bug Fixes & Enhancement

This release includes three bug fixes and two enhancements.

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Bug Fixes

  • Workflows: Cannot Create or Access New Workflow. Previously, when users attempted to edit existing or create new workflows, a 500 error would show upon publish. Now, users can successfully modify and create new workflows.

  • Role-Based Permissions: Cannot Assign Role to Existing Users. Previously, users were unable to save the addition of a role to an existing user. Now users can modify role assignments and successfully save their changes.

  • Role-based Permissions: Switching View in Program Badge Error. Previously, when on the users page and a different view site or program selection was made, an error would appear that required navigating back to Apricot. Now, users can switch view and correct user information will load.


  • Site Admins – Caseload Manager Permissions assigned as part of Site Admin. Site administrators now have access to Caseload Manager for users within their site. Previously, only administrators were able to manage Caseloads. Only an administrator can configure Caseloads. Caseloads and Site Admin are features of our Role-Based Permissions functionality.

  • Schedule: Edit & Delete Restricted to Appointment Creator. Previously, the edit/delete feature on the event detail pop-up was not dependent on who is logged in. Now, edit/delete appointment is limited to those you created when logged in.

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