Release Notes | 8/31/2021 | Apricot 7.79.0

This release includes five bug fixes

Updated this week

Bug Fixes

  • Cannot Access Users with No Roles. Previously users experienced errors when trying to access users with no roles assigned. Now, users can work with all users, roles or no roles, as expected

  • Cannot Access Certain Users. Previously, certain users experienced errors when attempting to access certain user pages. We completed optimization work that resolves this issue.

  • Email Trigger Error (Canada). Previously, Canadian sites received an error when saving a record with an email trigger that contained a file over 1.5MB. Now, email triggers with attachments are sent as expected for our Canadian friends.

  • Cannot Save Program with Empty Referral Email Field. Previously, users experienced errors when saving Programs with the non-required incoming referral email field empty. Now, users can save Programs as expected.

  • Cannot Edit Role Permissions for Large Roles. Previously in role-based permissions, users were unable to edit the permissions of roles tied to many forms and/or programs. Now permissions for these roles can be updated.

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