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Apricot 2021 Release Notes
Release Notes 3/30/2021 | 7.59.0 | Bug Fixes
Release Notes 3/30/2021 | 7.59.0 | Bug Fixes

This release includes four bug fixes.

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Bug Fixes

Assigning Role to Existing Guest Users. Previously, when attempting to add Role(s), Site(s) and Program(s) to a Guest User on User Details page, the selections would clear out upon save attempt. Now, selections will save correctly for Guest Users.

Role Based Permissions: Assigning Program After Roles. Previously, if an organization previously added a role to a user and went back to add an additional program, that program would clear out upon save. Now, programs can be added as expected.

Choosing Programs for Canadian Secure Web Forms. Previously, when Canadian organizations tried to configure Secure Web Forms, users could not choose associated programs. Now, users can select programs as expected.

Screen Readers Were Not Recognizing Tables in Reports. Previously, certain reports were having compatibility issues with JAWS and NVDA. Now, users should be able access the information needed in report tables with help of screen readers.

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