Release Notes | 8/10/2021 | 7.75.0

This release includes various bug fixes and one enhancement.

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Bug Fixes

  • Various Rebrand Fixes. When completing the rebrand, there were small places throughout Bonterra Case Management that needed to transition fully to the new design or where text was a bit difficult to read. In this series of rebrand fixes we addressed:

    • Data being cutoff in reports when grouping is applied

    • Plus sign on wizard links out of alignment

    • Reporting vertical display style difficult to read

    • Filters not visible in print pop-up

    • Copy program button not visible

    • Report edit new columns difficult to read

  • Deleted Wizard Links Appear on Copied Records. Previously when a user copied a record with a prior deleted wizard linked record, that record would appear in the record. Now, the prior deleted linked record will not transfer over, as expected.

  • Wizard Links Not Working with Screen Readers. Previously no fields on a wizard linked forms could be read aloud by NVDA or JAWS. This was certainly problematic for our visually impaired users or users working with screen readers. Now screen readers can pick up on wizard linked fields and read aloud as expected.


  • Role Details: Collapse list by category. Now in role based permissions, the lists of reports, aggregate reports, bulletins and shared files, on the role details page, are collapsible. This makes for easier navigation when creating or modifying role.

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