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Apricot 2021 Release Notes
Release Notes | 8/17/2021 | Apricot 7.76.0
Release Notes | 8/17/2021 | Apricot 7.76.0

This release includes five bug fixes

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Bug Fixes

  • Wizard Links not Loading on Apple Devices. Previously, users working on Apple mobile devices were not able to complete records via wizard links. Now, users can complete all records as expected on any device.

  • Aggregate Report List Page Issue. Previously, certain users experienced an error when accessing aggregate report list page. We identified the issue is related to restriction flags and were able to resolve.

  • Rebrand: Report Columns Difficult to Read. Previously, when adding a column to a report, sometimes the text header would appear as white text on a light background. Now, column headers are all dark text for best visibility.

  • Rebrand: Copy Program Button Not Visible. After the rebrand release, the copy program functionality was not visible in Blue and Mint color scheme. Now, users can see and click copy programs to their heart's desire.

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