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Apricot 2021 Release Notes
Release Notes | 9/21/2021 | Apricot 7.79.0
Release Notes | 9/21/2021 | Apricot 7.79.0

This release includes five defect fixes.

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Bug Fixes

  • Form Changes Not Saving on Initial Publish - Previously certain form updates would not materialize after publishing; however, a second publishing would push the updates. Now, form updates materialize after one publish, as expected.

  • Secure Web Form: System Inactivity Timeout - Previously users experienced confusing messaging when attempting to complete a secure web form outside the organization’s set time limit. Now, users see much clearer messaging upon clicking save if outside the time limit.

  • Data Not Carrying Over to Report - Previously, one Apricot organization did not see record updates appearing in reports. We identified the issue and data is populating as expected.

  • Repeated Viewed Actions in Record Audit - Previously, one Apricot organization had multiple, extraneous entries in Record Audits. We identified the cause and resolved the problem. This organization can now use Record Audits as expected.

  • Record Save Error When Program Name Includes Apostrophe - Previously, organizations that had an apostrophe in program name(s) experienced a syntax error even though the record saved correctly. Now, users can save records regardless of program name as expected.

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