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Release Notes | Week of May 23 | Apricot 7.110.1
Release Notes | Week of May 23 | Apricot 7.110.1

This release includes four defect fixes and one enhancement.

Updated over a week ago

Defect Fixes:

Records | Deactivated Links Count

We fixed an issue that was causing deactivated link count to appear incorrectly after sorting.

Role Based Permissions | Site Admins and sending Invites or Password Reset Emails

Invite or Password reset emails will now be sent when triggered by Site Admins.

Intake | Access to Manage Intake Forms

Standard Users with access to Manage Intake forms no longer encounter an error when attempting to access Intake setup.


Caseloads | Select and Remove Multiple Owners

We released an enhancement to help users easily manage Owners of a record when using Assign Programs. When using Assign Programs, you can now view all Owners, modify, and add multiple Owners at once.

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