Electronic Signatures

The Signature field electronically captures a name, a signature, the date and time of signing, and records the logged-in user as witness.

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Entering Data into the Signature Field

1. Click into the text box below "Name" and type in the name of the person signing the form.

2. Click "Sign" to activate the signature box.

1. Have the signatory use the computer mouse to trace their signature into the signature box.

2. If they are satisfied with the signature, select Done.

3. If they would like to sign again or if they made a mistake and need to re-do the signature, select Reset.

  1. After clicking "Done," you can still reset the signature box by selecting "Clear."

  2. When finished, select "Save Record." This will commit the signature to the database and it will no longer be available for editing or resetting.


Hints & Tips

  • Generally, signature pads are not supported with Apricot.

  • Generally, some pens/tablets might work with Apricot but it must be able to act like a mouse. For example, if you can't double click an icon on the desktop with it, you can't use it with Apricot. Even so, this is not a guarantee that it will work with Apricot. Please test it before you buy. We are unable to to suggest any brand or device for use. Purchase at your own risk.

  • There is a 50 character limit for the name text box.

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