Creating Records as an Administrator

Using the Programs Badge when creating a record to control which program the record is assigned to

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Creating Records as an Administrator

If you are an Administrator in your site you may need to adjust your Program Badge to a specific Program before saving records because, when using the program assignment setting "Assign Records to User's Active Programs", as an Administrator you will automatically assign new records to "All Programs". For more details about program assignment types, please take a look at our article Program Assignment Settings

Let's say you have 3 Programs in your site:

  1. Program A

  2. Program B

  3. Program C

Now, let's say you are creating a brand new record. Apricot will assign that record to all 3 programs. But, what if you want to assign the record to only one Program or two Programs?

  1. Click the Programs Badge area that says All Sites/All Programs 

Then, you can choose any one of the Programs. You may be wondering what you would do if you wanted the record to be assigned to more than one Program, but not "All Programs". The only way to do this as an Administrator is to adjust the access after you save the record. Please click here to learn how to adjust access.

Tips & Tricks

  • Within Form Properties you can change the Program Assignment Type field to "User selects program assignment" or "Assign records to form's associated programs". Find out more in our article Program Assignment Settings

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