When a % symbol is typed into a search field, it acts as a wildcard value. If you are not entirely sure what you need to search or filter for, using the % symbol can return a wider range of results.

Wildcard Placement in Searches

In the above example we typed %ri which returns clients that have a first name which has any combination of characters before the string ri and anything after. As you may notice that Apricot automatically looks for any combination of characters after of what you are typing so there is no need to put the wildcard (%) at the end.

Wildcard Placement in Reports

It is possible to use the wildcard placement in report filters; however, you won't need to physically enter % in the report filters. Apricot automatically places the wildcard in on the backend (you won't see it placing it) for you when select filter rules are chosen. Below are a list of the Rules where this is true:

  • Begins With: this places the wildcard before the Character you place in the filter

  • Ends With: this places the wildcard after the character you place in the filter

  • Contains: this places the wildcard around the beginning and end of the character you place in the filter

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