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Record Search

Apricot provides a variety of ways to search for records

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Browse All

1. To search for records, select the My Apricot tab from the top of the page.

2. In the left hand menu, click "Search Records" and you will see a list of all available Tier 1 forms. Select the appropriate form. The search function allows you to search within the records for each kind of form. There is not a search page that allows you to search all forms at the same time.

3. Once you have selected a form, you will be taken to the search page for that form.

4. Selecting "Browse All" will provide you with a list of all the records that have been created for this form

If your search returns more than 20 results, the bottom of the list of records will show a link labeled "Next 20". You can click this link to search additional records.

1. Clicking the gray arrows at the top of each column header will sort the results.

2. Clicking any of the grey text in a row will take you to the client's Document Folder.

3. Clicking any of the green text in a row will take you directly to that client's Tier 1 record.

Search by Field:

Searching by a field on the form can help you locate the correct record by narrowing the list of results.

1. To search by a field in the form, expand the black arrow next to "Add Search Field."

2. Select the field you wish to search by.

You can add as many search fields as you like by selecting each field from the dropdown menu.


  • Search fields with blank values will still actively filter the search results. For example, if searching by a field from a Tier 2 form such as Program Enrollment, the search will exclude results that don't have a Program Enrollment record, even if the search field is blank.

Saved Searches

Search fields are automatically saved and the last search terms automatically load when you return to search for records.

To remove your saved search results, click "Clear Search History."

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