Create Tier 2 Records

This article explains how to create a new Tier 2 record.

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Attention: Apricot is now Bonterra Case Management. Please bear with us as we update our screenshots to match our new name.

Note: This does not discuss how to create a Tier 2 Form. To learn about that click here.

There are two ways to create a new Tier 2 record from the Document Folder.

Create Using the "CREATE +" button.

  1. Click the Create button near the top right corner of the Document Folder

  1. You can scroll and click the name of the Tier 2 form you want to use to create a new record.

  2. If you have many Tier 2 forms you can use the Search bar to narrow your choices.

NOTE: The Create option will be present on all tabs: Document Folder, Overview and Links.

Create Using the "+" Icon in the Document Folder Tab

You can also create a Tier 2 record by clicking the Plus icon to the right of the Tier 2 form name in the Document Folder.

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