Building And Formatting Reports
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Building a Record ID-Based Report for Importing Data
Reports | Building ReportsApricot's Report Builder tool allows you to create and edit reports.
Report PropertiesReport properties govern the way reports select and filter data from your Apricot database.
Editing Reports
Copy Reports and Report Sections
Hide Report NameNames of reports can be suppressed or hidden from display when they are printed.
Hide Total Row Counts in ReportTotal row counts in report sections can be suppressed or hidden from display.
Section Properties in ReportsThis article will provide you with a tour of how you can access properties to adjust the information displayed for different report sections
Column Properties
Summary ColumnsApricot's Report Builder has special summary columns that allow you to pull summaries from one section of a report to another.
Calculation Columns
Report Builder Columns and Auto-Run
Global ValuesA Global Value is a date, word, or number that can be easily updated in filters across multiple sections of a report.
Matches Any and Matches AllSetting filter properties in reports using Matches Any Option, Matches Any Of, Matches All Of, and Matches All Options
Commonly Used Custom ExpressionsCustom Expressions can be used to change how data is reflected in reports
Using Filters in Reports
Filter Logic (Reporting)
Comparison Filters
Group FiltersUsing a group filter can help you pinpoint very specific data in a very large data set.
Grouping in Reports
Filtering Reports at Run TimeWhen a report is built, it may include filters to refine or narrow down what data is pulled from the database.
Report CountsApricot's Report Builder has a strong quantitative component and allows for several levels of counts.
GraphsThe graphing feature in Apricot's Report Builder allows Administrators to create graphs.
OutcomesThe Apricot Outcomes tool allows you to incorporate your organization's outcome goals and performance targets into your reports.
Reporting on Checkbox FieldsReporting on checkbox fields can be tricky. This article provides guidance on how to efficiently report on checkbox fields.
Advanced Report Features: RequiredThis feature in the Apricot Report Builder can display records that have been filled out or identify those that have not yet been completed
Advanced Report Features: LimitThe "Limit" feature in the Report Builder can display records that were created earliest (first created) or most recently (last created).
Troubleshooting: Report with Limit Section and/or AliasesThis article discusses the best practices for troubleshooting limit sections.
Aggregate Report Builder: IntroductionThe Aggregate Report Builder is a premium feature that allows you to create reports showing a high-level or summary view of your data.
Aggregate Report CalculationsThis article helps explain the different cell calculation properties
Copy Aggregate Grids and ReportsThe Aggregate Report Builder allows you to create reports that offer a high-level or summary view of your data.
Advanced Aggregate Report OptionsThis article explains the advanced features of aggregate reporting
Aggregate Report: Advanced FeaturesAdvanced features for aggregate reporting. Includes Grid or Section copying, report copying and exporting the report.
Reporting on Registration GridsReporting on registration grids have to be set up a certain way in order to prevent duplicate rows.
Comparison ReportingComparison reporting allows the Apricot Report Builder to compare data that has been collected in different records of the same form.
Reporting with Multiple Tier 2 Forms and Linking FieldsBuilding reports with Multiple Tier 2 forms with Linking Fields
VIDEO | Reporting on Class AttendanceThis videos reviews reporting on Class Attendance in the native Apricot Report Builder.